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Celarity is an employment agency in the Twin Cities area that focuses on connecting marketing professionals seeking jobs with companies looking for great marketing staff.

The Celarity Story

Celarity views things a little differently. They know that when it comes to the creative community, this is more like a small town.

With its roots in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area since 1993, they’ve built those small town relationships. In fact, they’re on a first-name basis with the clients as well as the talent in the twin towns. And that’s made all the difference.

Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. –Emerson

In 1993, design firm owners Marlene and Doug Phipps possessed the keen insight to see businesses needing flexible marketing and creative talent.

As a result, Marlene and Doug launched their own talent agency for marketing and creative professionals, appropriately naming it “Freelance Creative Services.” Even in the early days, FCS set the standard.

Growing Bigger, Getting Better

Flash forward to 2004. Broadband internet could transport Web surfers virtually anywhere (or anywhere virtually); Google and search engine optimization were the vehicles for online success. And Marlene and Doug recognized it was time for their agency to grow. So they re-tooled their vision and re-named the company Celarity. An amalgam of “clarity” and “celerity” the new name reflected their enhanced brand values – clear, precise, and prompt in their professionalism, innovation, expertise and relationships.

These days Celarity caters to the biggest and most notable companies in Minnesota; they employ some of the most talented, certified recruiting pros in the business; they have thousands of talented marketing, creative and interactive professionals in the Twin Cities ready and eager to create magic for their clients.

There are several new job postings through Celer

Below you will find current job openings in Minnesota. If you are interested in one of the current positions posted please email us your resume.

For job postings, see The Celarity Story