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Posting from: Don Canestraro, 952-261-5388, [donaldcanestraro@yahoo.com]

I am investigator for a small PI firm located in Hastings, MN.  Our company is looking to offer an internship to a marketing student at Dakota County Technical College.  The internship would be part time and unpaid.

The internship would entail meeting with myself and either Jeff Exley or Craig Holm; and, once a game plan is determined, run an online marketing campaign.

I am thinking that this could be done as easily from a laptop as it would entail blogging, twitter, Facebook and other social media as well as looking at our website.

If anyone is interested they can contact me on 952-261-5388 or via email at my yahoo address or at dcanestraro@infoprolegal.com.  The students can check out our website at http://www.inforproglegal.com.

Don Canestraro, 952-261-5388, [donaldcanestraro@yahoo.com]