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Position open for a graphic designer. For students or graduates looking for a position orwho may that need an internship, or is ready to join a growing company. Here are the quals;
Typesetting and Graphic Design of jobs.
–        Design, brochures, flyers etc.. graphic jobs
–        Time tracking on jobs (be aware of deadlines)
–        Ripping plates for press jobs
–        Taking care of organizing jobs
–        Correcting graphic issues for pressmen-when job is on press (Trapping issues etc.)
–        Preflighting disks
–        Give time estimates for jobs.
–        Take customer graphics questions and general marketing concepts that include marketing research, along with graphic design, work with clients develop advertising and promotional campaigns, and help clients with product and service development.
Rick Weiss
Owner and President
Marketing Solutions Provider
Red Wing 214 Jackson Street