Sales Management Degrees


  • Delivery:Daytime or Online Classes
  • Start: Fall, Spring or Summer Semester, Full- or Part-Time
  • Location: Rosemount Campus
  • Also offered fully online!


Major Description

Sales is an increasingly important position in contemporary organizations, especially with the growing global economy. Simply put, nothing happens unless something is sold! As a salesperson, you are in the enviable position to make something happen.

Sales Specialist: Every company has a salesperson. Nothing happens in a company until someone sells something. As a salesperson, you are in the enviable position to make something happen. Most business executives start in a sales career and move into a management role after positively affecting profits of their companies through sales. If you intend to follow a corporate path, a career in sales prepares you for a large portion of executive positions. This program gives students the skills associated with direct promotion of products and services to potential customers. Training includes basic and professional sales techniques, management and general marketing concepts, sales organization and operations, customer relations, and consumer buying behavior.

Sales Management Specialist: This program gives students the sales skills mentioned in the Sales Specialist certificate along with general marketing concepts including strategic planning, consumer buying behavior, event planning, e-marketing, public relations, advertising, promotions, global marketing, product and service development, logistics, and marketing research. This program is enhanced through management training.

Work Environment

It is hard to describe a typical day for a salesperson because every day can be different. One day you could search the Internet for prospective clients. The next few days may be spent calling these prospective clients and then an entire week may be in face-to-face sales calls. On other days, you could write up sales-call reports and prepare proposals for clients. Some sales positions allow you to work out of your home office while others require traveling.

Potential Job Titles

  • Marketing Design Specialist
  • Marketing Administrator
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Special Event Coordinator
  • Marketing Event Specialist
  • Brand Manager
  • Media Planner Sales Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Specialist
  • Commercial Marketing Specialist

Salary Data

  • Average Wage: $53.82/hour
    Top Earners: $80+/hour



  • Gayle Larson
    Dean of Business, Technology and General Education


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